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Writer's Block: Spoilers Below the Cut

Have you ever ruined the ending or given away plot developments in a book, movie, or tv show by telling someone who hasn't seen or read it what happens? Has anyone ever done this to you?

This is something that happens to me frequently, because of my friend who doesnt understand how to not talk about things.

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Writer's Block: Year of the Ox

Have you ever stolen something and gotten away with it? Did you feel guilty about it later?
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Writer's Block: Back to School

I SHOULD be doing chores... but, I would much rather do this. :3
What fictional high school—from tv, film, or a book—would you most like to attend? Or would you rather never go near high school again, fictional or otherwise?
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pushing daisies

So incase some of you dont know....Read more...Collapse ):D

Code Geass

I finished Code Geass a few days ago... Read more...Collapse )