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jordysayrawr's Journal

5 April
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So basically, my life is average and boring and at the same time phenomenal... i have the best friends a girl could ever ask for, theyre fun, understanding, and they love me for me. i couldnt go on without them... ok ok, thats a little dramatic, but its true. they make my life interesting.

i have an odd fascination with certain actors. im afraid they would think im a stalker if i ever got the chance to actually talk to them because i wouldnt be able to stop myself from talking about how many times ive seen their movies or quoting them nonstop in an attempt to be their "best buddy."i know, i have many problems... but if i could ever meet any of these amazing people, i would just end up babbling incoherently and blushing hardcore as i shove a piece of paper towards them asking for an autograph.

anime is one of those things i never thought i would get into, until m sophomore year in highschool... thats when it all began. my first manga was fruits basket. my first love was Kyo Sohma, the cat of the zodiac... my love for him and the manga sparked an unstoppable need for the japanese art. lately ive fallen out of the manga phase and im into anime hardcore. one of my all time favorites has to be code geass... its too amazing for words and i would recommend it to anyone! not only is the art good, (of course its amazing its freaking clamp) but the story line is fantastic and the characters are loveable and beautiful. my favorites would have to be kallen and lelouch. <3 they make my heart explode... but other than geass, ive seen more anime than i could count on my hands... which may sound like alot but it really isnt. ive started many many series and have only finished a couple. lol... procrastination at its best. :D

currently, im living at home with my mom and two cats, toffee and binks, and im just enjoying my time, hanging out with my friends until i go to school. i got accepted to the art institute of hollywood and should be starting online courses soon... then i will be off to L.A. and living with 3 strangers, having the time of my life... hopefully. ^__^

i would have to say that music is the one and only way i can heal myself. when im angry, the hard rock screaming in my ears helps me get out all my rage. when im sad, heart breaking love songs ease my pain and let me cry it out. and when happy, the fast paced beats make me jump up and dance as badly as possible. i cant dance but i do it anyway because its fun and it helps you burn calories... but who am i to count calories? im still thin as a pole and i eat like a molepig. (<-- lookie, a gurren lagann reference! ^///^) i suppose having a fast metablolim is an awesome superpower to have since i can still eat basically anything and stay thin, without working out! :3